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The Genius Square

The Genius Square

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This is a great game that can be played solo or you can race an opponent to do the same puzzle.  It's quick to learn, simple to set-up, but sometimes it takes a little thinking to complete.

The objective is to complete the puzzle by placing the nine coloured shapes onto the 6×6 square around the seven cylinder ‘blockers’.   The blockers are placed first based on a roll of the 7 die.  Each dice will indicate a position e.g., A5, B1, F6 etc, of where to place the blocker.  There are 62,208 possible combinations in which the dice can fall.  Once all blockers are placed your challenge begins.  The 9 coloured shapes are all a bit different and believe it or not they can fit properly into the square to complete the puzzle.  It's been proven with a computer program.… and that’s why it’s called The Genius Square!

Some combinations will be easy to solve, some harder and some very very hard.  It’s all a matter of the luck of the roll of the dice.

This is a great game for young people to develop their puzzle solving skills and for older people to keep their puzzle solving abilities honed.  Whether you like solving puzzles by yourself or challenging a friend or family member (young or old), this game will keep you thinking and deliver lots of fun..62,208 times.

This game includes 2 playing squares, 2 sets of 9 coloured wooden shapes, 2 sets of 7 wooden blockers and an instruction sheet.

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Ages: 6+

Players: 1-2

Australian Toy Assoc Product of the Year  2020

Australian Toy Assoc Educational Product of the Year 2020

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