If you are experiencing issues with your item and feel it is a technical problem, then please send an email to sales@aussiehobbies.com.au with a copy of your purchase receipt, a description of your technical issue and a video showing the fault. In the video please demonstrate the steps you go through from the start to the actual use of the item. Once Aussie Hobbies technical staff has reviewed the video and your written description, we will then advise you of our course of action.

Please remember that if you modify, tamper with or disassemble your item the warranty will be void. Evidence we find relating to modifications, tampering, dis-assembly of the issue is a result of misuse/force (man made damage) warranty will be void. Any costs occurred repairing the item including return postage costs will be at the purchaser’s expense.

All RC toys purchased through Aussie Hobbies will include a 30 day limited warranty to cover manufacturing faults. All RC toys are tested pre-purchase by the manufacturer. Faulty products must be assessed via a video to sales@aussiehobbies.com.au. If fault cannot be identified via a video the item is to be sent back with receipt or proof of purchase and a written description of the fault. Any RC toy found to be physically damaged by user neglect, either internally or externally, upgraded or modified, opened or attempted to be opened, used apart from the manufacturer specifications or intended use will void warranty.

Any items returned to us claiming to be faulty but found to be in fully functional working order will incur a fee to cover return postage. Items found to be faulty under the warranty will be either repaired or replaced at no extra cost.

Please be advised that due to the nature of the product, regular and extended use of RC toys will cause wear on internal components and will require maintenance. If your RC toy is not covered under the warranty but you would like a repair or service please contact us your closest Aussie Hobbies store or online at sales@aussiehobbies.com.au.

Our warranty policy is based on what is reasonable and exceeding 30 days, warranty claims will be assessed on a case by case basis to determine if it is reasonable to fix or replace a fault.