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Aussie Hobbies recommends you:

  • When transporting your Gel blaster, it is recommended that you keep it concealed in a lockable bag, case or container. Only transport your Gel Blaster as necessary (to an organised event for example)


  • It is an offence to take your Gel Blaster out in public as this may cause alarm. This offence carries a fine and/or jail time. Gel Blasters are for use in a controlled environment only.


  • Please Do Not Shoot Animals


  • Please Do Not Shoot People unexpectedly! Allow people time to equip personal protective gear (eye goggles for example)


  • Ensure you wear suitable eye protection when using your Gel Blaster.


  • Do not leave your battery charging at home unattended


  • Be sure to charge your battery for a maximum of four (4) hours. The charger will flash red whilst charging and a solid green when charging is completed.


  • Only load your Gel Blaster with Gel Balls when you plan on using it.


  • Load your Gel Balls through the latch on the side or top of the magazine. Make sure you empty out all of the water before loading the Gel Balls as water can damage the magazine internals and void the warranty.


  • Always detach the magazine and battery from your Gel Blaster when not in use


  • Please don’t leave Gel Balls in your magazine as they will shrink and jam the Gel Blaster.


  • When you are finished using your Gel Blaster, remember to empty your magazine of all Gels (if you haven’t already – always good to check), shoot out any that might be stuck in your blasters barrel.


  • Do not put dehydrated Gel Balls into your magazine or Blaster. This may cause harm to the Gel Blaster. They need to be soaked in distilled water.


  • Please Store your Gel Blaster in a lockable container when not in use as required by law.


Gel Blaster FAQ’S

Q: Do I need to have a license to own a Gel Blaster?

A: No, you do not need a license to own a Gel Blaster BUT you do need to be a member of a Gel Ball Association. Aussie Hobbies Legally imports Gel Blasters using the necessary import permits.

Q: What is a Gel Blaster?

A: Gel Blasters are replica toys that are powered with a battery. They shoot non- toxic Gel Balls that explode on impact into small pieces that dissipate after a short time. The Gel Balls do not harm the environment.

Q: Can I upgrade or modify my Gel Blaster at Aussie Hobbies?

A: No sorry, Aussie Hobbies does not offer upgrades or modifications to internal or external parts of the Gel Blaster.

Q: My Gel Blaster is jammed. What should I do?

A: Gel Blasters jamming in not uncommon. Because it is a toy jams happen but one of the main reasons is the Gel Balls. There are sizing differences with the current Gel Balls available to buy which can cause the jam or maybe your Gels are too soft.  Try cleaning all the Gels out of your Blaster, hydrate a fresh batch of Gels following the recommendations for hydrating your Gels. Be sure to drain all the water from your Gels and load them into the magazine till full and retry firing to see if the problem has been fixed.

If your Gel Blaster keeps jamming and you feel the problem could be related to the Gel Blaster, then please read and follow our refund/returns policy.

Q: What should I do if I am having technical issues with my Gel Blaster?

A: If you are experiencing issues with your Gel Blaster and feel it is a technical problem, then please send an email to sales@aussiehobbies.com.au with a copy of your purchase receipt, a description of your technical issue and a video showing the fault. In the video please demonstrate the steps you go through from the start to the actual firing of the Gel Balls from your Blaster. Include a demonstration of the removal of the magazine after use to see if any Gels fall out. Once Aussie Hobbies technical staff has reviewed the video and your written description, we will then advise you of our course of action.

Q: Are the Gel Blasters covered by warranty?

A: Yes! Aussie Hobbies Gel Blasters come with a 30-Day warranty. Please be sure to read the information brochure that comes with your purchased Gel Blaster as it contains information relating to your Blaster care, Gel Balls and warranty.

Please see our terms and Conditions for information regarding refunds/returns.

Please remember that if you modify, tamper with or disassemble your Gel Blaster the warranty will be void. Evidence we find relating to modifications, tampering, dis-assembly or the issue is a result of misuse/force (man made damage) warranty will be void. Any costs occurred repairing the Gel Blaster including return postage costs will be at the purchaser’s expense.



Aussie Hobbies recommends you:

  • Hydrate your Gel Balls for 4 hours in distilled water.


  • Keep your Gel Balls in a sealed container, free of water when not in use (we recommend a bucket with a lid, empty (clean and dry) 2L bottles, etc)


  • Do not freeze your Gel Balls


  • REMEMBER - Make sure you remove/drain all water from your Gel Balls before loading your magazine. Water can damage your magazine internals, and this will void the warranty.


  • Please Store your Gel Balls in a safe place out of small children’s reach.

     Gel Ball FAQ'S

    Q: Are Gel Balls toxic?

    A: Gel Balls are completely non-toxic, so no harm to the environment, no mess and no residue.



    Q: Do we ship Australia Wide?

    A: Aussie Hobbies ships Australia Wide from our main store in Brisbane.

    Q: Can I track my Order?

    A: Once your order has been received, packaged ready for postage and dispatched, you will receive an email with a tracking number/link to the courier website, where you will be able to track your orders delivery status.

    Q: Can I pick up my order?

    A: Un-fortunately Aussie Hobbies does not offer this service. You are however more than welcome to come to our store to view our stock and test out our Gel Blaster range. If an item is shown to be in-stock on our website, then we will have the item in store for purchase. Our items do sell quickly!!

    Q: Can I change my order once I have placed it?

    A: Un-fortunately Aussie Hobbies is not able to change order details once your order has been confirmed.

    If you need your order to be redirected, we recommend that you contact the courier directly and submit a formal redirection request as per the courier guidelines.

    Q: What do I do if an item is missing from my online order?

    A: All packages are carefully checked before posting. If your missing something from your package please email us – sales@aussiehobbies.com.au  with your order number, purchase receipt and a video/photo of your package contents as soon as you can. We will find out what happened and get your missing items to you asap.

    Q: What does Pre Order mean?

    A: When Aussie Hobbies is out of stock, we may offer pre order on certain items – this means you purchase the item before it arrives in store. We process your order and send once the stock arrives. When you pre order your item is guaranteed – it will not be sold to someone else. We highly recommend pre order on our XTB Premium range as we do sell out fast.



    • You can only use your Gel Blaster at designated Fields and Arenas.