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Tamiya Yamato 2013 1:350 Plastic Model Kit

Tamiya Yamato 2013 1:350 Plastic Model Kit

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The Flagship of the Japanese forces
The Japanese battleship Yamato was laid down in November 1937 and commissioned in December 1941, giving notice to the world of the level of Japanese ship-building technology. A truly massive ship, it had a waterline length of 256m, a beam of 38.9m, a displacement of around 70,000 tons and nine 46cm guns which had a maximum range of 41km and were capable of piercing 43cm of armor from 30km away. Her armor, meanwhile, weighed in at an staggering 21,000 tons. The hull of the ship had been kept as short as was possible, with defensive considerations meaning the bridge, gun turrets and mechanical sections concentrated in the center of the vessel. Beneath the waterline, she employed a bulbous bow that protruded 3 meters and contributed to increased wavemaking resistance. She featured in actions including the Battle of Leyte Gulf and the Battle of Midway, where on April 7th 1945 she came under attack from over three hundred U.S. aircraft while on the way to Okinawa, sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

This is a plastic model assembly kit of the Japanese battleship Yamato.
Scale: 1/350
Length 751.5mm, Width 110mm.
Detailed one-piece molded hull includes accurate recreations of the famous bulbous bow.
Bridge, funnel and other parts concentrated in the center of the ship are faithfully replicated, giving the model a highly realistic feel.
Details such as the sonar and main masts are depicted using precise engraving.
Triple 45-caliber 46cm gun turrets feature waterproof covers and are attached individually to the deck.
Other armaments including triple 60-caliber 15.5cm guns, twin 40-caliber 12.7cm guns, 25mm cannon mounts and more are recreated in detail.
Gun turrets, 15m rangefinders and stern crane are movable after completion.
Stern also features machine gun mounts.
Includes 4 reconnaissance floatplanes.
Features a stand which can be easily attached by screws to separately-sold 1/350 scale display case.
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