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Tamiya German Infantry Weapons Plastic Model Kit

Tamiya German Infantry Weapons Plastic Model Kit

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German Infantry Weapons
Detailed plastic parts molded in silver and attached to sprue trees.

List of weapons and accessories included
Machine gun with flak tripod.
Luger P08.
Walther P38.
Walther signal pistol
MP 44 Assault rifle with magazine pouch.
Ammunition box.
Machine gunners accessory pouch.
Magnetic hollow charge antitank mine.
Mushroom head tellermine M43.
Steel tellermine M35.
Drum magazine and drum magazine case.
Machine gun 34 (dualpurpose machine gun M1934)
Machine gun M42 (dualpurpose machine gun M 1942)
Infantry antitank projector small, #30, and #60.
Stick grenade M24.
Multihead stick grenade charge.
Hand grenade carrying case.
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