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MFT 1/10th MT-Pioneer 12mm hex 0 offset

MFT 1/10th MT-Pioneer 12mm hex 0 offset

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Louise MT-UPHILL Monster Truck MFT Tires on Black-Chrome 0-Offset Bead-Lock Wheels

These 1/10 monster truck tires is the perfect combination of forward and side traction on most loose gravel surfaces. These MT-UPHILL tires are also equipped with the latest MFT technology with an molded-in cord that helps reduce any over ballooning that is decreasing the performance due to less off-road surface contact patch that you drive on. Louise have also included an tough over-sized 3.2" wheel with an bead-locking ring on each side that is hold in place with ten screws per side - no glue joint that can tear apart!
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