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Wood Trick - Surfing Labrador Wooden Puzzle

Wood Trick - Surfing Labrador Wooden Puzzle

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The big and rainbow wooden puzzle set is a good decision if you are looking for a gift for any occasion. Check out the surfing labrador set and find out marvelous landscapes and unique shapes of jigsaw puzzles. This collection will inspire you to play and imagine different stories about summer and surfing. Perfect for dog lovers!
The puzzle contains 280 pieces and 56 of them have unique shapes of animals, people, and plants!
WoodTrick is unique puzzles with rainbow colors and prints!


Complexity of assembly: Difficult
 Eco plywood
Quantity of parts: 280 pieces
Model size, l*w: 18.03*13.58*0.16 in (458*345*4 mm) 
Packing size, l*w*h: 10.95*7.76*2.17 in (278*197*55 mm) 
Weight: 1.83 lb (0.828 kg) 

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