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Wood Trick - Lucky Puppies Charlie Wooden Puzzle

Wood Trick - Lucky Puppies Charlie Wooden Puzzle

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Meet a cute little dachshund - Charlie! This puzzle is a part of the “lucky puppies” collection by WoodTrick. This is the best choice for dog lovers. Find all the little dogs and assemble the big image. Come up with a wonderful story about Charlie and his friends.
The puzzle contains 107 pieces.
The rainbow colors and unique puzzle pieces shape will help to develop the fine motor skills of hands and make you happy!
WoodTrick is unique puzzles with rainbow colors and prints!


Complexity of assembly: Medium
 Eco plywood
Quantity of parts: 101 pieces
Model size, l*w: 10.47*9.06*0.16 in (266*230*4 mm) 
Packing size, l*w*h: 10.95*7.76*2.17 in (278*197*55 mm) 
Weight: 1.8 lb (0.813 kg) 

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