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Wood Trick - Biker Dogs Wooden Puzzle

Wood Trick - Biker Dogs Wooden Puzzle

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This is a unique model by WoodTrick! The256 pieces of the puzzle will let you enjoy your free time. Check out the 38 unique-shaped pieces of the puzzle, and you will find different animals and even motorcycles! You can also use Swarovski crystals to get additional decor for your puzzle!
Spend your time with friends, assembling the puzzle, enjoying the beautiful image and rainbow colors.


Complexity of assembly: Medium
 Eco plywood
Quantity of parts: 256 pieces
Model size, l*w: 15.23*13.62*0.16 in (387*346*4 mm)  
Packing size, l*w*h: 10.95*7.75*2.16 in (278*197*55 mm)  
Weight: 1.79 lb (0.810 kg)  

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