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Tamiya German 37mm Anti-Tank Plastic Model Kit

Tamiya German 37mm Anti-Tank Plastic Model Kit

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German 3.7Cm Anti-Tank Gun (PAK 35/36).
The 3.7 Cm anti-tank gun was immediately accepted by the German Army and officially designated Anti-Tank Gun Model (PAK 35/36). In 1936, the Germans began to deliver the gun to the anti-tank gun company of each division as its standard equipment. It is reported that the excellent design of the then typical anti-tank gun exerted a great influence on the progress of anti-tank guns in the Soviet Union, United States, and Japan.

Plastic pieces attached to sprues and molded in green and gray.
Four realistic figures - a gunner, commander, supplier, and loader; figures may be placed where desired.
Anti-tank gun has moveable main body, trail legs, and tires.
Gun shield may be bent to the front.
Includes an ammo case with ammunition.
Detailed pictorial instructions label numerous parts of the anti-tank gun.
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