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Tamiya 35081 1/35 U.S. Multiple Gun Carriage M16 Plastic Model Kit

Tamiya 35081 1/35 U.S. Multiple Gun Carriage M16 Plastic Model Kit

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Tamiya 35081 1/35 U.S. Multiple Gun Carriage M16

Requires assembly. Paint and glue sold separately.

This assembly model kit recreates the U.S. Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M16. The progress of the air force and the improved mobility made with the mechanization of the ground troops greatly changed the way battles were fought during World War II. Many kinds of anti-aircraft weapons were developed to fight against enemy aircraft attacks, which led to fierce battles seen at every front. One such anti-aircraft machine seen during WWII was the M16 self-propelled gun which was manufactured from 1942 to 1943. Fitted on the M3 half-track chassis was the quad mounted 50-caliber (12.7mm) Browning automatic heavy machine gun, which had an 893m/s muzzle velocity, 6,767m range, and a discharging rate of 450-555 rounds per minute, which earned it the nickname of “the meat chopper.” The Type M45 gun mount could rotate 360 degrees and elevate between -10 and +90 degrees and was electrically driven which allowed it to move 60 degrees of rotation/elevation per second. Not only was it greatly effective against enemy aircraft, but it was also very influential on the ground attack. Even after WWII, the M16 was also deployed with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces during the Korean War.

• 1/35 scale plastic assembly model of the U.S. Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M16. Length: 189mm.
• The quadruple 12.7mm Browning heavy machine guns and seated area feature a highly realistic finish. Even after assembly and just like the actual thing, it can rotate 360 degrees and the gun sight moves in unison with the guns.
• Also included with the kit are three figures; a driver, a radio operator, and a gunner who is adjusting his aim at the approaching enemy aircraft.
• The chassis' ladder frame and the interior are realistically reproduced.

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