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Tamiya 1/10 TT-02D Nismo Skyline GT-R R34 Z-Tune Electric RC Drift Car Kit w/o ESC

Tamiya 1/10 TT-02D Nismo Skyline GT-R R34 Z-Tune Electric RC Drift Car Kit w/o ESC

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Nismo Skyline GT-R R34 Z-Tune

This is an R/C model assembly kit of the R34 GT-R Z-tune, which debuted at the 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon, wowing visitors with its blend of looks and performance. The model recreates the car's form in polycarbonate, capturing its wide front and rear fenders, front bumper-side and bonnet outlets - all high-performance hallmarks of NISMO, the motorsports arm of Nissan which constructed each of the 20 cars in the limited edition production individually by hand. The TT-02D is a drift spec shaft driven 4WD chassis which offers thrilling drift action!

Tamiya TT-02D Chassis - Drift Version

Enjoy the thrill of drifting with this specially tuned drift spec version of the TT-02 chassis. The TT-02D chassis features drift spec parts such as 24mm width drift tyres fitted to stylish matte-finish metal-plated wheels, and CVA shocks on the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension. Reinforced resin uprights, damper stays and more contribute to the chassis' tough suspension. Semi-gloss metal-plated parts such as brake disc-shaped wheel hubs and blue battery holder will catch the eye. Full ball bearings, an aluminium motor heat sink, and a sport-tuned motor come as standard. Of course, the chassis retains the original TT-02's excellent drivability, ease of maintenance, and adaptability.

  • The aggressive 2-door coupe form is captured faithfully by the polycarbonate body
  • The TT-02D is the specially tuned drift spec of the popular shaft-driven 4WD entry chassis, the TT-02
  • Features CVA oil-filled shocks, full ball bearings, a Sport-Tuned motor and aluminium motor heat sink
  • Stickers and masking stickers are included in the kit
  • Features 24mm width drift-spec tyres on metal-plated mesh wheels
  • Mesh-type wheels are paired with super driftech tyres
  • Super Tough Bathtub Type Chassis
  • Balanced Longitudinal Chassis Layout
  • Adjustable Wheelbase
  • Shaft-Driven 4WD System
  • Front/Rear 4 Bevel Resin Differentials
  • 3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod System for Superior Handling
  • 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
  • Front/Rear Friction Shocks
  • Powerful Brushed 540 motor
  • Length: 442mm (17.4")
  • Width: 187mm (7.36")
  • Height: 134mm (5.27")
  • Wheelbase: 257mm (10.1")
  • Body Shell: Clear Polycarbonate
  • Chassis Type: TT-02D
  • Construction Type: Assembly Kit
  • Motor: Type 540 Brushed
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC): Not Included
  • Motor Mount: Longitudinal
  • Wheel Drive: 4WD
  • Bearings: Full
  • Gear Ratio: Adjustable
  • Friction Shocks: Front & Rear
  • 4-Wheel Independent Double-Wishbone Suspension
  • Terrain Use: On-Road

2-Channel R/C Unit 
ESC (Electronic Speed Control)
Battery Pack & Charger
R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter.

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