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Servo Checker

Servo Checker

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Product Description:
Can be synchronized output control 4 servos and used to compare the performance steering gear
control of the steering servo output signal can be accurate to 2us (1 milliseconds = 1000 microseconds),
you can test the steering gear is able to respond to subtle changes With PPM signal test function
in the display, the input PPM signal changes while the input the PPM signal synchronization output
to the servo Energized automatically enter manual mode (Manual) 20us 50H analog servo signal cycle,
frequency 50Hz, rotary potentiometers to decrease or increase the width of the output pulse.
Button the Select (Note: the key switch function, circulation patterns)
1. S-1 manual mode (Manual)
2. S-2-bit mode (Neutral)
3. S-3 automatic mode (Automatic) Keys pulse width:
1. 50H analog servo signal cycle 20us frequency 50Hz
2. 125H digital the steering gear a signal cycle 8us frequency 125Hz
3. 250H Digital Servo signal cycle 4us frequency 250Hz
Brand: HJ
Material: Plastic
Color: Blue + black
Input voltage: DC 5~6V
Output signal width: 800~2200us
Package size: 14 * 10 * 3cm / 5.5 * 3.9 * 1.2in
Package weight: 39g / 1.4oz
Package Included:
1 X HJ Digital Servo Tester / ESC Consistency Tester
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