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Rust Copper Oxide Colour Set

Rust Copper Oxide Colour Set

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The SMS Rust Copper Oxide Colour Set has been designed specifically to give you the 4 best colour tones to create realistic Copper Oxide effects on your model. 

After applying your Rust or Copper/Bronze colours, apply the Copper Oxide colours in a random fashion across parts where Oxidisation would naturally occur.

Use in conjunction with common weathering methods such as sponge chipping, brush chipping and hairspray technique to create realistic oxidising effects. Can also be applied using a mottling pattern and stencils to create tonal differences. 

Experiment and find out the best way that works for you!


  • Light Oxide Green 30ml
  • Mid Oxide Green 30ml
  • Deep Oxide Green 30ml
  • Dark Oxide Green 30ml 
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