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Revell Battleship Bismark 1:700 Plastic Model Kit

Revell Battleship Bismark 1:700 Plastic Model Kit

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The Bismarck and the Tirpitz were the two largest battleships in the Second World War. The Bismarck, with a length of 251 m, went into service on 24.08.1940. On completion of the training runs she took part in the Rhine exercise. On 24.05.1941, in a sea battle off Greenland, she sank the British cruiser HMS Hood. Then the Bismarck, having damage to the bow, made for a Frenchport. During the pursuit by British ships and aircraft the ship was rendered unfit for action by enemy fire and scuttled in the Atlantic.

- New tool
- Detailed hull and power plant
- Decks with textured planks
- Gun turrets with individually moving barrels
- Filigree masts
- 18 tenders
- 2 Arado 196 seaplanes
- 2 detailed derricks with booms
- Display stand

2 variants to paint: winter 1940/41 and March 1941:
- Baltic Sea, Winter 1940-41
- Baltic Sea. March 1941

Scale: 1:700
Length: 359 mm
Number of parts: 295
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