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Revell 05665 Moonraker Space Shuttle (James Bond 007) 'Moonraker'

Revell 05665 Moonraker Space Shuttle (James Bond 007) 'Moonraker'

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Moonraker Space Glider - James Bond 007 Model Kit | Scale 1:144, 64 Parts
Prepare to explore the mysteries of the universe with our James Bond 007 Moonraker model kit! With 64 parts in 1:144 scale, this model is a challenging and rewarding project for all Bond and model making enthusiasts aged 12+. The detailed replica with an overall length of 252 mm brings the legendary spaceship from "Moonraker - Top Secret" directly to your home.

Your model kit comes with everything you need for assembly, including:

  • Unassembled plastic model kit
  • Pictorial, multilingual assembly instructions
  • Authentic decals
  • Poster
  • Base colours (Revell Aqua Color)
  • Adhesive (Revell Contacta Professional Mini)
  • Brush

This model kit is perfect for advanced modellers, James Bond fans and anyone who loves the thrill of a challenging project. It is both a great addition to your collection and a stunning display piece that will attract attention.

Special features:
The Moonraker model kit features textured surfaces that meticulously recreate every detail of the original. With authentic decals based on the film and a display stand, you'll be able to show off your model with pride.


The exploration of outer space is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. With man's first steps into space and the moon, the future of Earth has been pushed onto new tracks. The first rockets designed for space travel, however, could only be used once, which resulted in increasing costs for the expeditions. It soon became clear that the successful conquest of space could not continue with the use of such costly technologies. In 1972, NASA, the American Space Agency began researching a reusable spacecraft. The result of the project was a combination of a rocket and an aircraft known as a space shuttle. The shuttle with a huge fuel tank can be launched into space thanks to the power of three own engines and two auxiliary rockets. By itself, the ferry reaches the dimensions of a medium-sized airliner, carrying a crew of around seven, most of all cargo. The space shuttle fleet has given us new opportunities to develop our activities in space. Satellites can be placed in orbit by space shuttles, as well as components of space stations that can be used in the future as starting points for further space exploration.
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