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Nexx Racing V-Line Front Suspension System (RED)

Nexx Racing V-Line Front Suspension System (RED)

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NEXX RACING V-line Front Suspension system is designed with innovative features such as quick adjustable caster, quick adjustable camber, adjustable ride height…. It makes the Mini-Z looks much like a real car, not only fast but also stable, better cornering and better suspension overall.  With locknuts and kingpins, V-LINE is designed to minimize most of the play resulting very smooth performance.  The V-LINE suspension systems fits only Mini-Z MR03 wide base models and also fits PN 2.5 Chassis.  For easy assembly, we pre-install the V-LINE suspension system at factory so it’s very easy and fast to assembly it on the Mini-Z.



  • V- line suspension is designed with 2 V-shaped suspension forks to bring you a cool suspension system·
  • Same width as stock. (MR02/ MR03 PNR2.5W Chassis width)·
  • Suspension movement use ball joints instead of sliding knuckle and locknut easy adjustment play between knuckle and upper arm make joints will not pop out even during hard collision.·
  • Adjustable camber from 0-30 degrees with 4 position eccentric shaft with easy operation·
  • Quick adjustable caster by caster bar from 0-1.90 ·
  • Both 00 and 10 lower A arms provided to facilitate suspension setup·
  • Ride height adjustment  with turn of a screw·
  • All 3 tie rods 00, 0.50, 10 included ·
  • High quality Precision CNC Swiss 7075 aluminum
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