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Mini-Z 2WD LCG 98-102mm Alu 7075 Round Motor Mount (RED) NX-009

Mini-Z 2WD LCG 98-102mm Alu 7075 Round Motor Mount (RED) NX-009

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New NEXX RACING precision CNC SWISS aluminum 7075 T6 motor mount is designed to replace stock plastic Kyosho Mini-Z motor mount and to support round brushless motors. It is designed for MR-03MM/ MR02MM/015 MM. NEXX Racing motor mount is very light weight even more than 20% lighter than plastic version, yet very strong, made from aerospace aluminum 7075 T6


  • Weight: 4.5g (without T-plate)
  • Designed for Kyosho Mini-Z 98 and 102mm MM chassis, 15mm round diameter brushless motors (Rocket, Ensotech, PN Racing, GL Racing, Atomic brushless motors ….)


Lowest CG motor mount on the market

The new motor mount is designed for the Mini-Z brushless motors. A lot of hours of engineering have been put into this motor to lower the C.G to lowest possible. You cannot go lower than this.

Lightest motor mount on the market

Besides being the lowest CG motor mount on the market, it is also the lightest weight motor mount on the market with just 5.1g in weight with carbon fiber T-plate and screws and only 4.5g without the carbon fiber T-plate, more than 20% lighter than stock plastic motor mount. To achieve this milestone, we have to machine the motor mount from a block of billet SWISS 7075 aluminum to minimize the number of parts, resulting the lightest weight possible.

Innovative slot design to allow easy adjusting gear mesh

Adjusting gear mesh is not always an easy job, however with NEXX innovative method of adjusting the gear mesh, it’s very simple, fool-proof one screw driver operation.

Innovative carbon support design

NEXX solves the problem of motors being ejected from crashes by a new method of lockup and hold the motor in secured position so that in hardest crashs, the motor cannot be ejected from the chassis.

Free carbon fiber T-plate

NEXX Racing motor mount also comes with a free high quality carbon fiber T-plate. Free of charge

Free plastic damper posts

NEXX Racing motor mount also comes with 2 plastic damper posts free of charge. This plastic damper post is compatible with stock plastic Kyosho parts only. It may need some modification job to fit third party upgrade parts.

Easy center shock height adjustment

NEXX Racing motor mount offers the ability to adjust the height of center shock.

The package includes:

  • 1 x Precision CNC SWISS 7075 T6 aluminum motor mount
  • 4 x eccentric bearing holders to allow height adjustment of the motor mount.
  • 2 x plastic damper post
  • 1 x carbon fiber T-plate S#5 (strongest)
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