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Meng MECHA-006L Evangelion Proto Type-00 (Pre-coloured Edition)

Meng MECHA-006L Evangelion Proto Type-00 (Pre-coloured Edition)

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This latest MENG MECHA-006L Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon, Artificial Human Evangelion Proto Type-00' (Pre-colored Edition) model is 47cm high after assembly. It features pre-painted parts and undergates. Thanks to the excellent painting and parts breakdown, the colors of the model are perfectly represented. This kit includes lighting components and fine decals. Now let’s take a look at the details.


  • The Evangelion Proto Type-00' from the Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition is presented in a 47cm super size, which brings an unparalleled visual impact.
  • The sprues feature undergates and pre-painted parts. You will get a fully painted model without bothering to paint it yourself.
  • Carefully designed lighting components: continuous light for the eye
  • The light is turned on/off by the installation of the Entry Plug.
  • The joints made of one-piece molding technology are super movable. The Evangelion Proto Type-00' can be posed in the classic gestures and actions.
  • This kit includes Progressive Knives, one Pallet Rifle and various soft hand options for different actions and weapons. Special paint is applied on the hand parts to avoid paint wear or damage.
  • The Evangelion Proto Type-00' holding a Pallet Rifle
  • The shoulder pylons are openable to accommodate the Progressive Knife without the need to replace parts.
  • The Evangelion Proto Type-00' holding a Progressive Knife
  • It can be placed on the same scale MECHA-003L Evangelion Restraint/Transport Platform (sold separately) to achieve a statue-like display result.
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