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Huina 1557 9CH RC Concrete Truck

Huina 1557 9CH RC Concrete Truck

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Concrete mixer with remote control, 1:18, black, Huina 2.4 G, rotating bucket. The concrete mixer is a construction vehicle that no boy should have in his collection. The remote control will delight the little builder. Every construction site needs a concrete mixer. It's time to get to work! The game will influence the child's imagination and creativity as well as logical thinking skills. The cab is white with distinctive truck stickers, the trailer is a rotating black bulb with green elements. The advantage of this vehicle is the remote control, with the included remote control you can move around the construction site you have created. It transmits on a 2.4G frequency and at the touch of a button offers a wealth of features to satisfy the most discerning R/C vehicle fan. Concrete Mixer Features: - Ability to move forward, backward and sideways - Engine sounds when moving forward - Lights can be turned on with the round buttons on the remote control - Rotating bulb is controlled by the remote control - Triangle button starts the automatic system So you can drive the truck and the little one can admire its operation without using the remote control.

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