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Guess Who Card Game

Guess Who Card Game

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Guess Who Card Game

It's a twist on Guess Who? gameplay with cards!

In this version of the Guess Who? game, players lay out their Character cards in front of them and choose a Mystery Character from the Mystery deck. Then each player asks their opponent a yes or no question, and the answer gets them closer to who's on their opponent's Mystery card. When they think they know who their opponent's Mystery Character is, players make a guess. A correct guess makes that player the winner. If they guess incorrectly, that player loses the game! This quick-playing card game is a convenient way to let your kids take the Guess Who? game with them when traveling or visiting a friend's house.


  • It's the Original Guessing Game with a twist.
  • Kids can enjoy a twist on classic Guess Who? gameplay with this fun, fast card game.
  • This Guess Who? game is a quick-playing card game; Take it with you when you travel.
  • Each player lays out their Character cards in front of them, and picks a Mystery card.
  • Then players ask yes or no questions to guess each other's Mystery Character.
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