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Burning Bakery Game

Burning Bakery Game

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Marcelo, our town’s baker, has lost his 5 senses and can’t go on making bread. Shall we help Marcelo to recover his….

  • Sight, so the bread doesn’t burn?
  • Touch, to knead the bread and make it spongey?
  • Smell, so the bread’s aroma can tell him that it’s ready?
  • Taste, so the bread is neither very salty nor very sweet?
  • Hearing, so he can hear the oven’s bell on time?

It's a cooperation game where all the players should help Marcelo to recover their senses, for that, the players should take from the bag some of the wooden pieces with the different senses and then match with one of the cards which you can perceive with the sense you took from the bag, if it match, you win the sense, if not, you put the sense on the bag again. But if you take from the bag the flame, then the bread start to burn in the oven, if you take the flame 5 times before you recover the 5 senses, then all the players lose, otherwise win.

2–4 Players

15–25 Min Playing Time

Age: 2+

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