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1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109K-4

1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109K-4

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The Bf109G series, or Gustav", was introduced in mid-1942; its initial variants (G-1 through G-4) differed only in minor details from the Bf 109F, most notably in being powered by the more powerful 1475hp DB 605 engine. Odd numbered variants were built with a pressurised cockpit and GM-1 boost as high altitude fighters, while even numbered variants were non-pressurized air superiority fighters and fighter bombers. Long-range photo-reconnaissance variants also existed. The later G series (G-5 through G-14) was produced in a multitude of variants. By early 1944 tactical requirements resulted in the addition of MW-50 water injection boost and high performance superchargers, boosting engine output to 1,800-2,000hp.

Item No : 02299
Item Name :Messerschmitt Bf 109K-4
Bar Code : 9580208022994
Scale : 1:32
Item Type : Static Kit
Model Brief : Length: 283.4mm: Wingspan:308.1 mm:
Total Parts : 250+
Metal Parts : n/a
Photo Etched Parts : 2 pcs
Film Parts : n/a
Resin Parts : n/a
Total Sprues : 10 sprues and tires
Paint Schemes : Luftwaffe
Released Date : 2015-05
More Features : Fuselage
-Left and right fuselage moulded w/ authentic details

-Finely detailed engine.

-Finely detailed engine accessory compartment,
-Finely detailed cockpit

- Optional position flaps
- Rubber tires.

-Photo-etched parts to upgrade details
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