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Prime RC Mini Hand Launch EPP Glider; 480mm span (Free Flight)


The Prime RC EPP hand launch free flight glider is great fun for all ages! Virtually unbreakable and ready to fly in less than a minute.

Assorted Colour. 


  • Made from durable EPP foam
  • Perfect for all ages

Product Information

The Prime RC EPP Mini Hand launch glider is the perfect free flight airplane for all ages and is ideal for beginners. The glider is manufactured from durable EPP foam and can be easily assembled in less than a minute - so you can enjoy flying sooner.

The Prime RC EPP Mini hand launch glider has a wingspan of 480mm and in the unlikely event of breakage, it can be easily repaired with standard cyano-acrylate glues or 5 minute Araldite (epoxy). The Prime RC EPP Mini hand launch glider is a really cool blue and orange colour scheme.

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EPP Foam