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Onisiki DARUMA High Performance Gyro

Onisiki DARUMA High Performance Gyro

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Gyros, a new technology which helps drivers keep their car in a straight line. Be it buggies to drift cars, every car will be able to make use of this gyro to keep their car under control! CNC anodized outer shell with engraved Onisiki Logo to give extra protection for the circuit board. The gyro gain is adjustable from both the gyro and from your transmitter if you have more than 2 channels on both your receiver and transmitter. 

Being a super small size means you can fit this gyro in positions where previously not possible due to the space required. The small form factor allows this gyro to be installed onto smaller scale cars as well!

New 3-axis gyro makes a even more sensitive and precise gyro input for a more predictable vehicle! With support of 


  • For: Touring, Drift or F1

  • Material: Aluminum Case

  • Color: Black/White


  • Weight: 12g
  • Size: 25*26*10mm
  • Working voltage: 5~8.4V
  • Three-Axis Gryo
  • Current consumption: 20mA/6V
  • Working temperature: -10 °C + 50 °C
  • Support input signal: PWM (50-333Hz) / FUTABA S.BUS /SANWA SSR /SANWA SHR
  • Output servo signal: 1520uS (333Hz) /760uS (FUTABA SR) /SANWA SSR
  • Control System: PID Control System
  • End Point Adjustment Function : EPA
  • Control Signal -SBUS /PWM


  • Gyro (1 pc)

  • Adjustment Tool (1 pc)

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