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Yahtzee - Classic Dice Game

Yahtzee - Classic Dice Game

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Yahtzee - Classic Dice Game

It's the classic dice-rolling challenge of Yahtzee, and you'll shake, score and shout! Can you roll the right combinations to beat the competition? With each round, decide which dice to keep on your first, second and third rolls, then roll again or play it as it lays. Try for a full house or gamble everything on a Yahtzee - five of a kind! Whoever has the high score after 13 rounds is the ultimate winner. You and your friends will want to play again and again, so roll it to the limit for the Yahtzee win!


  • 1 x YAHTZEE Shaker
  • 5 x Dice
  • 80 x Score Cards
  • 1 x Rules

Players: 2+
Duration: 30 minutes
Ages: 8+

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