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Wood Trick - Set of Mini 3D Puzzles №2 - Bat, Angel, Skull, Pumpkin

Wood Trick - Set of Mini 3D Puzzles №2 - Bat, Angel, Skull, Pumpkin

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A Halloween set of wooden models is a unique and unusual way to decorate your house! Everybody will find a model that corresponds to his or her inner world. An angel will give harmony and light, a skull - a brave heart that is looking for adventures, a pumpkin - Halloween mood and ancient stories, a bat - unusual skills and feeling the sound. 

It is not only a part of the decor but funny models to place. Start the battle of light and darkness!

Each model has 9-14 details and is very fast in assembling, and it's a perfect gift for kids. 

  • The model kit comes with clear, simple and very detailed instruction with illustrations.
  • Wood Trick models are made from safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees without any added toxins or glues.
  • Even children can play with WoodTrick 3D wooden puzzles, although we recommend parental supervision.
  • Every Wood Trick model:
    • enhances creative thinking skills,
    • promotes critical thinking skills,
    • develops problem-solving and reasoning skills.
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