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UDIPower 1:10 2.4G High-Performance Desert Racer

UDIPower 1:10 2.4G High-Performance Desert Racer

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1:10 2.4G High-Performance Desert Racer UDI-UD1001

High Bright LED Lights
·Angel Lights
·All white Lights in the whole car
·Tail light(Red outside and Yellow inside)
·High-valtage 8 channel power amplifier for intense, brilliant LED lighting
·Regulated output for stable lighting performance (no flickering or dimming as the battery
voltage changes)

Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
·3s Lipo compatible
·Integrated cooling fan
·Real-time telemetry
·Aluminum alloy shell heat sink
·Powered accessory ports

2200KV sensorless brushless waterproof motor
·3-pole 2200KV brushless motor
·4mm output shaft
·Finned can for better heat dissipation

Up to 30+mph with 2s Lipo Batteries

Innovative Battery Compartment
·Closed dual battery compartment design
·Accommodates dual 2S Lipo or 3S Lipo batteries
·The battery cover adopts a flexible elastic buckle structure, which is convenient for disassembly and installation
·Support dual battery parallel use

·PC material bodyshell
·Strong and functional tube frame mimics full-size off-road racers
·The wheels are also equipped with dummy “brake calipers”, 14mm metal brake discs with one-piece hex adapters
·One fully-functional spare tires
·Dummy parts: fire extinguisher, shock reservoir, battery, oil bottle and metal drive shaft
·The interior is equipped with a simulated driver, driver’s seat

·Composite inverted tub design
·Makes maintenance easier
·Lowers center of gravity(CG)for improved handling
·Allows easy access to components
·Tough skid plates protect critical components
·Fully integrated tube frame, added rigidity for the whole car
·Reinforced bumpers to absorb impacts

·Provides scale looks and authentic off-road driving dynamics
·Tough independent double-wishbone front suspension with fixed rod ends
·Triangulated 4-link rear suspension with solid rear axle
·Tough composite trailing arms
·Steel upper links with 3 optional positions for suspension tuning
·Realistic and functional front and rear sway bars
·Detailed functional limit straps on rear axle
·4 metal hydraulic spring twist shock absorbers
·4 two-speed reverse metal nitrogen dampers

·15KG metal gear waterproof steering servo
·Dual bellcrank design with bearings and integrated servo saver
·Solid non-adjustable steering links for rugged durability

·Steel CV driveshafts(front)with 6mm stub axles
·Steel straight axle(rear)
·Oil-filled limited slip front differential
·Locked steel spool (rear)
·Heavy-duty splined front driveshaft
·Fixed-length steel rear driveshaft

·All-steel gear direct drive transmission
·With central differential lock
·Removes as a single piece for easy maintenance
·Fixed-pin gear mesh system

Wheels and Tires
·Off-road tires
·120mm tires

Sealed Ball Bearing

Hardware with rust-resistant native oxide coating

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