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Tamiya 35376 1/35 US Tank Destroyer M18 Hellcat

Tamiya 35376 1/35 US Tank Destroyer M18 Hellcat

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During World War II, the M18 Hellcat was a tank destroyer developed by the United States Army to compete with powerful German tanks such as the Tiger and Panther. Equipped with a high-powered 76mm tank gun on an open-top turret that emphasizes search power. To secure space inside the turret, the main gun loading section was laid out with the barrel rotated 45 degrees. In addition, the compact body has been pursued to be lighter, and an automatic transmission and the first torsion bar suspension for American tanks have been introduced. The star-shaped 9-cylinder gasoline engine mounted on the rear of the car body demonstrated a maximum speed of over 80km / h, making it the fastest tracked vehicle in World War II. Production of the Hellcat began in July 1943, welcoming its first line on the Italian front in 1944. After that, he was dispatched to the Northwestern Europe and the Pacific front, and defeated German tanks one after another with hit and away tactics that utilized high-speed performance and firepower. It contributed to the victory of the US military as a pioneer in anti-tank combat.


  • M18 Hellcat 1/35 scale, plastic model assembly kit.
  • Overall length 192 mm, overall width 80 mm. Based on actual vehicle coverage, the height-reduced body is equipped with a powerful 76mm tank gun, and the fearless style is reproduced with a rich sense of reality.
  • The interior of the turret, such as the main gun loading section, shell rack, radio, and swivel gear, has a dense finish.
  • The texture of the canvas cover attached to the mantlet is also realistically expressed.
  • The headlight lens is a clear part.
  • For complicated suspension, parts are integrated to make it easier to assemble.
  • The single pin type track is a connection type with a straight part integrated.
  • A full-body image of a standing tank soldier and two types of markings for vehicles deployed on the Italian front at the end of World War II are set.
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