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Tamiya Ger. Sturmpanzer IV Plastic Model Kit

Tamiya Ger. Sturmpanzer IV Plastic Model Kit

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German Strumpanzer IV Brummbaer
A total of 313 Sturmpanzer Ivs were built by 1945 and they served on all fronts in 1944 - 45 though were initially used on the Russian Front when first in service in 1943. Lack of close in machine gun protection proved a serious disadvantage in the close range conditions of street fighting, so the later vehicles were fitted a ball mount machine gun high on the front superstructure front. The main armament was itself in a balltype mantlet with a heavily armoured sleeve. The later production vehicles had a commander's cupola replacing the plain roof hatch originally fitted, and a MG 34 in an AA mount was usually fitted to the cupola.

In the street fighting and close assault role of the Sturmpanzer IV was highly successful, being difficult to penetrate except by the most powerful antitank weapons at close range. The vehicle fully lived up to its name of Brummbar (Grizzly Bear) which was given to it in 1943. The chassis was very much overloaded, which led to breakdown and the need for extra careful maintenance. The Brummbar was in service until the end of the war in 1945, and has remained one of the best remembered due to its massive appearance.
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