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Revell US Navy Landing Ship Medium (Bofors 40 mm Gun) 1:144

Revell US Navy Landing Ship Medium (Bofors 40 mm Gun) 1:144

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Landing Ship Medium (LSM) is a term for the type of American landing craft from the Second World War. Units of this type were built in the years 1944-1945. The total length of the LSM was 62 meters, and the width was 10 meters. The drive was provided by two Fairbanks-Morse or General Motors diesel engines with a capacity of 2,800 hp. The top speed was around 13-14 knots. The basic version of the LSM was armed with 2 40mm cannons and 4 20mm cannons.

Landing Ship Medium was developed primarily for the needs of the US Navy, intended to support landing operations of the United States armed forces in the final period of World War II. the principles of the so-called stream production, as a result of which nearly 560 units of this type were created in the years 1944-1945. Units of this type were comparable in size to LST or LCI "landing craft". As standard, a single LSM ship could carry 5 medium tanks (eg M4 Sherman) or 6 LVTs or 9 DUKW amphibians. It is worth noting that a number of LSM units from typical amphibious units have been converted into amphibious assault support ships with relatively strong artillery, especially missile weapons. After 1945, many LSM units were placed in reserve and later scrapped. However, some of them were handed over to allies, for example, West Germany.

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