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ProTecta Reel Grease

Great for RC use in diff gears, hubs etc as a general purpose moly grease.

Low to High Temperature. Heat resistant formula which ensures retention up to a dropping point of 260ºC and below zero. No more sluggish reels on winter mornings or ‘leaking’ lubricants when the pressure is on!
Low to High Speed. Ideal as a grease for slow moving gears but is also able to withstand speeds up to 6000 rpm! Its superior stability both in storage and service comes from its premium additive package.
Low to High Load. With Graphite, Moly and SFR it works well under low pressure but it also excels in an extreme pressure environment. Its unique extreme pressure technology allows it to have a Timken OK load of over 34 kgs!
Wet to dry conditions. In wet conditions it resists contamination by water and won’t ‘go milky’.
Salt to Fresh Water.It has an exceptionally low water wash out score of 1.5% and includes a superior rust inhibitor for protection in wet conditions.