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NX-225 Nexx Racing CNC Aluminum GearBox For Kyosho Mini-Z Crawler 4×4


  •  Manufactured with precision CNC bilet aluminum 6061, very strong and durable.
  •  Light weight design yet strong and impressive
  •  Act as heatshink to help remove heat from the motor and make the motor cool down
  •  Ability to mount different motors: original stock brushed motors, squared brushless motors and round brushless motors.
  •  Ability to change gear ratio with different pinions.
  •  Ability to easily upgrade to aluminum rails for better strength and efficiency
  •  Protect gear and pinion from debris and stones
  •  Improve truck’s esthetic
  •  Easy to install and use
  •  Compatible to Kyosho Mx-01 Minzi 4×4 Crawler


  • 8 x Flat Head Screws M2x6
  • 4 x Button Socket Head Cap Screws M2x6
  • 2 x Flat Head Screws M2x4
  • 2 x Washer Black