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Mosaic: A Story of Civilisation Board Game

Mosaic: A Story of Civilisation Board Game

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In Mosaic, you will guide an ancient civilisation from its founding. Your decisions will determine whether it will thrive and be rememberd as the greatest civilisation in history, or falter and be lost to the sands of time. You control the destiny of your civilisation with every decision you make. Mosaic is a civilisation game with everything you would expect from one: Technologies; Wonders; Cities; Leaders with unique abilities, Resources and Trade Goods, Golden Ages, Epic Achievements, Governments and more!

Contents include:

1 game board, 150 currencies (stone, ideas, food), 100 coins, 6 player boards, starting player token, 105 technology cards, 38 build cards, 20 population cards, 20 tax & tariff cards, 4 empire scoring cards, 9 leader cards, 9 wonder tiles, 9 wonder board tiles, 9 golden age tiles, 15 civilisation achievement tiles, 6 government tiles, 162 city and town board tiles, 132 military unit tiles, 12 population tokens, 60 wooden cubes, 68 trade goods tokens, 28 cache tokens, 80 trade goods tiles and instructions. Age 14+

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