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Mini RC Cars 1:43 Scale Assorted Styles

Mini RC Cars 1:43 Scale Assorted Styles

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Tornado RC 1:43 Car RTR  *(Requires AA Batteries)*

Loads of fun for all the little kids, this little RC Cute car comes completely built and ready to go. You can use this little car on any hard surface inside your house and it is so easy to control being full function forward, back, left and right, with onboard lights.

All you need is 2x AA alkaline batteries for the radio and 2x AA batteries for the car and you're good to go.

What's In The Box

  • Tornado RC 1:43 
  • Transmitter
  • Re-Chargeable Battery
  • Charger


What You Need (Not Included)

  • 2x AA Batteries (Used In The Transmitter)
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