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Meng MECHA-004M Evangelion Production Model New 02

Meng MECHA-004M Evangelion Production Model New 02

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MECHA-004M Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon, Artificial Human Evangelion Production Model-New 02α (Multi-color Edition) model will be 325mm high after assembly.


  • The excellent sprue injection colors and outstanding parts breakdown replicate the mecha’s different colors. This kit includes decals too.
  • The rebuilt Evangelion Production Model-New 02α is presented in a powerful posture.
  • The back equipment is removable.
  • Barrels and the operation handle of the three-barreled gatling gun are rotatable.
  • Thanks to the well-designed joints, the mecha can be placed in an aggressive posture holding the long naginata. The naginata blades are foldable.
  • The heavy circular saw can be combined into a long weapon, and it can also be disassembled into two circular saws. The covers of the circular saws are detachable and their blades are rotatable.
  • Fingers of the left hand are movable to better hold the signal termination plug. The signal termination plug has deployed and undeployed options.
  • This kit includes various weapons and accessories, like three-barreled gatling gun, naginata, heavy circular saw, signal termination plug, back equipment and hand options.
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