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Friends. Family. Random Strangers. It's Party Time! Race around the board guessing which player wrote which answer while writing your own creative responses to 232 hilarious and highly loaded questions. With simple rules, no right or wrong answers, and exciting twists to the original game play, Loaded Questions Party is your answer to an epic and memorable game night!


The hilarious Party version of the classic who said what game is perfect for both families and adult parties. For 4-6 players / Ages 13+ Features 232 NEW Loaded Questions and 32 'Party Fouls and Party Favours that affect players chances of winning or losing Choose a favourite answer and guess who said what on every turn Questions include: What is not a good housewarming present? / What is a better thing to whisper than to shout? / What would entertain you for hours? Other Loaded Questions games include the main Loaded Questions game, Party, Junior and On the Go.


Ages: 13+ / 4-6 Players


Components: Gameboard, 66 Question Cards (232 Loaded Questions, 32 Party Fouls/Favors), Answer Pad, 6 Pencils, 6 Game Pieces