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Kyosho Mini-z Rear Double Wishbone Suspension Set (MDW100)

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The advanced design and performance of the shaft driven AWD can be upgraded even further with this Rear Double Wishbone Suspension Set. The compact layout of the MA-010 chassis can now been fitted with a precision double wishbone suspension system, just like an EP touring car. However, the main objective is increased performance and this has been achieved through the optimization of suspension stroke with precision geometry and link support that delivers sure-footed control and superior mechanical grip under a wide variety of conditions. The angle of attack can be set for improved performance over uneven surfaces with the ball connected suspension shafts. In addition, toe angle settings can also be adjusted. With the Rear Double Wishbone Suspension Set installed, previously incompatible LL-size wheelbase body sets can now be fitted and the longer wheelbase also lifts running performance to a new level. As the set comes without wheels, tires, diff and drive shaft, the final cost of this upgrade is very affordable. Add the Rear Double Wishbone Suspension Set to turbo boost the racing power of your Mini-Z AWD.