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The IRC dump truck boasting a solid finish and action full of
realism has evolved into a upgraded version that realizes more realistic driving!

"KOMATSU HD785-7" which was released in February 2010 by realistically reproducing the dump truck of "Komatsu", which is known worldwide as a construction machinery maker, has been upgraded and reappeared under the name of HG. !! In this upgrade, in order to pursue and reproduce more realistic action, the forward and reverse movements, which were one step in the conventional model, have evolved into two steps, high and low. Of course, you can also operate right and left turning steering and up and down vessel operation. With a dedicated controller equipped with steering and levers, you can enjoy the unique driving performance of a powerful dump truck, where you can move forward and forward. In addition, the pre-painted body has a profound finish that has been built into every detail, which also makes it fun to display. There are 3 types of infrared channels, A, B, and C, which enables simultaneous operation of 3 units. What's more, it's a completely painted body that does not require assembly, so it's a great attraction that you can play immediately by purchasing the alkaline batteries for the body and controller separately. In addition, the 1/50 scale that matches the hydraulic excavator "KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG)" of the same series that has already been lined up is adopted, so the fun of the IRC construction machine will be further expanded by playing with the set I will.

●Since everything is completed, you can operate it just by setting the battery.
● Dedicated controller that adopts the infrared control system "IRC" that can control the operating parts like the actual machine.
● Multi-function of 1ch for forward/reverse, 1ch for left/right turn, and 1ch for vessel up/down operation, totaling 3ch.
●3 types of infrared channels A, B and C can run and operate at the same time.
● In addition, since the signal is changed to the shovel car channel, 3 shovel cars, 3 dump trucks and 6 MAX machines can be operated simultaneously.
-The pilot's seat is equipped with a figure of an operator who has even reproduced a uniform.
-Adopt a 1/50 scale size with a total length of 210 mm that you can enjoy the display even in the room.
-Painted realistic finish comparable to the display model.

*Dump truck KOMATSU HD785-7 is
a large dump truck with a vehicle weight of 72,300 kg, a total length of 10,290 mm, a total width of 6,885 mm, a total height of 5,050 mm, and a maximum load capacity of 9,100 kg. It is equipped with various elements required for large dump trucks, such as a rigid main frame, integrated cab, VHMS (vehicle health management system), auto suspension, and electronically controlled suspension.