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Huina - Hydraulic Excavator 1:16 K336GC

The wait is finally over bringing to you the latest and exotic V3 Huina kabolite K336GC Hydraulic RC Excavator. This new Huina RC excavator is released with multiple advancements and also it is a hydraulic one. This is by far the most cost-effective RC hydraulic excavator on the market.

If you want to switch from mechanical to a hydraulic excavator, Huina K336GC RC excavator is now available to go with. You will feel comfortable playing with this practical and productive excavator.

Unique Features:

Minimalistic Design:

This advanced Kabolite K336GC Hydraulic RC Excavator is launched with a modest design. In this new v3 model, more fun is crafted with a hydraulic feature similar to the actual excavator.

Hefty Construction:

With all the desired qualities, the Huina Kabolite RC hydraulic excavator is constructed in a modern way. The alloy metal and ABS plastic are of a high standard, which is drop-resistant.

For use in the night, it is provided with four LED lights. The sound effects are also virtual that further increase interest in playing.

Wireless Remote Control:

The Huina 336GC hydraulic excavator operates on a frequency ranging from 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz. Due to high transmission frequency, it controls the excavator from about 80 meters.

Battery Performance:

The remote control of this hydraulic excavator is equipped with a battery of 10,000mAh capacity. It offers a seamless lasting of more than 45 minutes.


The Huina kabolite K336GC Hydraulic RC Excavator is made specifically for adults. Its durability brings full of joys.

Your child can also learn a lot about hydraulic excavator. What are you waiting for? 


Weight (Excavator)                                  9.2 kg

Control Distance                                      50 meters

Battery Capacity                                      10,000mAh

Battery Life                                               More than 45 minutes

Dimensions (Excavator)                         74 x 33 x 31 cm