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HPI Venture SBK Scale Builder Kit 117255

The HPI Venture SBK Scale Builders Kit allows builders more options by eliminating the body, wheels, tires and electronics you may not need, while including a host of sought-after upgrades that increase the performance potential of the truck. The Venture is known for its incredible handling, realistic drivetrain layout and durability. The Venture SBK delivers all of that and more - with the flexibility to create the scale masterpiece you have always dreamed of!


Assembly kit
Includes performance options and upgrades: front universals, aluminum lower links, rear 4-link and axle weights
Adjustable rock rail side sliders help the truck get over tough obstacles
Formed steel C-channel chassis rails
Front-mount motor and transmission position for ultimate scale realism
Front weight bias improves climbing traction and provides more realistic driving
All-metal gear drivetrain for extreme durability
Central transfer case with slider driveshafts to front and rear differentials
Transfer case prevents motor stall for better climbing
Transfer case also straightens & lowers center driveshafts for more efficient power transfer
Axles feature small diff case or pumpkin" size for best possible ground clearance
Aluminum differential pumpkin cover
Locked differentials for superb off-road climbing traction
Brass axle weights add hidden weight as low as possible
Front universals for maximum steering lock with zero binding



Width: 227mm (9")
Wheelbase: 311mm (12.3")


Break-over angle: 44.5 degrees
Approach angle: 55 deg
Departure angle: 45.5 deg
Max climb angle: 49 deg
Max tilt angle: 28 deg
Axle articulation: 30 deg
Ground clearance: 68mm capable (2.7")
Ground clearance at standard ride height: 60mm (2.4")
Axle ground clearance: 32mm (1.3")


Drivetrain ratio: 7.6:1
Transmission gearing: 1.53:1
Axle gearing: 3.31:1
Transfer case gearing: 1.5:1

Needed to Complete:

Transmitter & Receiver
1/10 Crawler ESC & Motor
High Torque Steering Servo
2S to 3S LiPo Battery (32x44x147mm Max) & Charger
AA size Batteries for Radio System
12.3" wheelbase body
Paint for Body
Tools for assembly
Tires & wheels
Front & Rear bumpers
  • Front Universal Driveshafts - Tougher, rebuildable and add extra steering angle.
  • Aluminum Lower Links - Thick 6mm anodized links for great looks and increased performance
  • 4-Link Rear - Increased articulation at the rear, improving grip for better side climbing.
  • Axle Weights - Adding extra weight directly to the axles, for increased traction exactly where it's needed.