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Excel 55605 Rectangular Equalising File

Excel 55605 Rectangular Equalising File

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Tackle any project with the Excel Blades Equaling File. Featuring the “Equivalent” shape profile that can help you sharpen trimmer blades to saws. Even out rectangular or square  slots, remove burrs and inconsistencies.

Let this set help you complete the next item on your to-do list. Constructed of High Quality Steel for strength and durability. 

  • File: Equaling Shaped Files
  • Enlarge holes or smooth curved surfaces
  • Features a 90° edge for sharpening saws and other fine tasks
  • Helps you remove material quickly
  • 5.75in – 14.6cm, Cut #2 with knurl
  • These files can be used with our aluminum vise, product #70001
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