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The new DarkSoul CNC lightened flywheels for use with all 2 or 4 bolt Zenoah or CY engines. These lightweight flywheels will give you better acceleration and smoother power delivery because, not only have the flywheels been lightened, but they have also then been balanced on a custom made prop style balancer, specifically made for this application. We have reduced the weight by about 30g. (1 ounce), this is pure rotating mass connected directly to the crankshaft, this alone will give significant gains.


Please keep in mind that although the flywheel has retained most of it's structural integrity, a lot of material has been removed, and therefore makes for a more delicate unit. Please be sure that you have the flywheel well protected by one of the many DIY or aftermarket available mesh mods. Because of the nature of this item, there is no warranty of any kind offered with it. If gravel and other debris can enter the engine flywheel area, damage will occur to the flywhee

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