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Catan - Traders and Barbarians

Catan - Traders and Barbarians

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Catan - Traders and Barbarians 5-6 Player

This extension to the Catan Traders and Barbarians expansion enables an extra two players - 5 to 6 in total - to ply the rivers, coasts, and trade routes of Catan in five diverse scenarios. Please note: To use this extension, you will also need the Catan base game (ASM3071), the Traders and Barbarians expansion (ASM3079), and the Catan base game 5-6 player extension (ASM3072) a total of four game boxes.


- 24 Wooden knights

- 12 Wooden bridges

- 36 Wooden barbarians

- 22 Wooden camels

- 4 Wooden wagons

- 40 Coin counters

- 14 New region and water tile pieces

- 120 New cards

- Special victory point cards and tokens

- Variants and scenarios booklet

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