Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 Crawler, RTR

Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 Crawler, RTR

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Built around the proven SCX10 II chassis, the UMG10 6X6 delivers class-leading RC crawler performance in a convenient, ready-to-run package only a battery and charger are required. The military-style body captures the look of full-size 6X6 trucks, with scale features that include 1.9 military-spec wheels and tires, a working spare, and built-in mounting positions for front and rear LED lights.

Needed to Complete:

• 7.4V 30+C 5000+mAh 2S Hardcase LiPo Battery with IC3 or EC3 Connector

• Compatible Balancing Charger

• AA Batteries (4) for Transmitter

What’s in the Box?

• (1) Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6X6 RTR

• (1) Spektrum SRX200 Receiver (installed)

• (1) Axial 35T Brushed, Water Resistant Motor (installed)

• (1) Dynamite AE-5L ESC with IC3 connector(installed)

• (1) Spektrum S605 Servo (installed)

• (1) Spektrum STX2 Transmitter

• (1) Product Manual

Military-Based Crew Cab Body with Rear Cage:

The ready-to-run Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6X6 delivers realistic performance with an authentic military feel enhanced by this scale crew cab body with hinged rear cage for quick chassis access. The aggressive approach angle created by the vehicle's front end design enables the UMG10 6X6 to take on steep inclines, and the long 17.3" (439mm) wheelbase helps with agility in challenging terrain.

Molded Plastic Grille and Scale Detail:

The realistic molded plastic grille features details such as a radiator, an embossed Axial logo, two clear marker lenses, and two headlight lenses. Additional scale details can be found throughout the body for an authentic military look.

Rear Cage Hinged Body System:

In addition to a carrier for the spare tire, the rear cage features a hinge system that allows quick access to the chassis for maintenance. Just remove two body clips hidden under the cab and raise the body to reach the battery and other on-board components. 

Mil-Spec Wheels and Tires:

Six 1.9 MT45 tires, molded in sticky Axial S30 compound rubber, keep the UMG10 6X6 crawler on course and climbing difficult terrain with ease. Their big block, symmetrical tread pattern provides plenty of grip to get over steep obstacles. The tires are mounted on injection-molded, 3-piece, MW19 beadlock wheels that offer the perfect scale look for a military build. A functional spare tire is also included..

Tandem Rear AR44 Axles: 

The UMG10 6X6 class-leading axle performance. Tandem AR44 rear axles with a high pinion design provide the toughness needed for rugged off-road trails. Universal joint axles, helical cut internal gears and high-quality bearings are all standard equipment. The ring gear/locker is a single-unit piece made of strong sintered metal, and the pinion is CNC cut for durability.

 The AR44 axles feature a high pinion gear set for a much lower gear ratio than most vehicles, plus a smaller pumpkin and added strength. The gear set overcomes the torque twist often associated with smaller gear sets. The axle itself retains the durability associated with the SCX10, despite being delivered in a smaller axle housing.

• High pinion gears for added ground clearance and better driveshaft angles

• High pinion design increases gear surface contact for greater durability

• Larger load bearings around the gear set reduce flex and strengthen the drivetrain

• Single piece axle housing adds strength

• One-piece all-metal locker front and rear

• Small pumpkin for increased clearance and a more scale look

• Optimized gear ratio reduces torque twist

• Ring gear/locker is a single-piece unit made of strong sintered metal

Extended Frame Rails:

The UMG10 6X6 includes the same frame rails from the original SCX10 II chassis design, along with two additional steel c-channel frame rail extensions, each measuring 139mm in length. The frame rails are joined on either side by a rear link mount, which give the truck the length it needs to accommodate an additional rear axle.

LED Front and Rear Lights:

For realism that continues when the sun goes down, outfit your UMG10 6X6 with lights a total of eight mounting locations are built-in for easy LED installation. Four LED lights are included two white LED lights are mounted in the front bumper, and two red LED tail lights are mounted in the rear of the bed. 

Two-Piece Bed:

By creating the bed from two pieces rather than as a single piece, Axial engineers have been able to give it much greater depth. Two working LED tail lights with red plastic tail light lenses are mounted in the rear of the bed. 

Adjustable Coilover Shocks: 

Made to tight tolerances, the included coilover shocks feature precision-machined pistons for smooth action throughout their range of travel, delivering the crawling performance you expect from an Axial vehicle.

Spektrum STX2 Transmitter:

The STX2 2-channel radio system offers many features of higher-end 2.4GHz radio systems like throttle/steering reversing, throttle/steering travel adjust & throttle limiting.

• Built-in 3-position throttle limiter

• Steering & throttle rate & trim adjustments with throttle and steering reversing

• FHSS 2.4GHz protocol offers extended range and interference free performance

Spektrum SRX200 Receiver:

The SRX200 is a 2 channel 2.4GHz receiver that operates on the FHSS modulation. It is conformal coated to help prevent damage from water, dust and other elements. Features an extra-long antenna lead for easy and effective antenna placement.

AX10 Transmission - All Metal Gears:

The ultra-compact transmission allows for a wide range of gearing choices. The overall ratio can be adjusted using different pinion and spur gear choices allowing super high speed or competition level crawling speed. The new transmission housing design still retains the basic function of the original transmission but in a new more scale looking case.

• Final drive ratio (FDR) 42.00 – Original SCX10 was 33.06

• All metal internal gears!

• Scale looks – silver color looks like cast aluminum

• Better mounting points at the base of the transmission – no more stripped screws!

Axial 35T Brushed, Water Resistant Motor:

Providing an even balance of speed and crawling, the 35-turn brushed motor features a worry-free design with an integrated cooling fan allowing for extended periods of use. Easy operation: no tuning, no fuel, and no loud exhaust noise. Just plug 'n' go!

Spektrum S605 Servo: 

The Spektrum S605 servo offers 161 oz-in of steering torque, a metal case for strength, and it's waterproof for extra protection against the elements.

• Type: Analog

• Torque: 161 oz-in @ 6.0V

• Speed: .24 sec/60 degrees @ 6.0V

• Bushing or Bearing: Bushing

• Connector Type: Z-connector

• Gear Type: Nylon

• Gear Material: Plastic

Dynamite AE-5L ESC W/ Drag Brake, Waterproof:

The Dynamite AE-5L ESC is 3S LiPo capable yet easily switched "in the field" between LiPo and NiMH battery types with a simple jumper – no more complex procedures.

• LED Light controller built-in with dual LED outputs for headlights/taillights.

• Four LED lights included (two white, two red)

• Convenient IC3 plug lead.

• Jumper 1 provides a simple plug and play choice between LiPo or NiMH.

• Jumper 2 switches Drag Brake settings.

• Waterproof design with IC3 plug / laser etched heat sink.