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The UDI U64 Multi-fly 3 is a brilliant new model from a range of 3 figure drones from UDI. This model has a number of great features including Altitude Hold Mode, One Button Take Off/Landing, Low Battery alarm, High/Low Speed mode and more!

This drone has 3 ways to fly! Transform to a Glider, Motorboat & Airboard.

Altitude Hold Mode
This model comes equipped with an ‘Altitude Hold’ feature for easy and precise flying. The built-in sensors hold the drone at the height you are flying at to give you an even more stable quadcopter. If you move the throttle stick forward the drone increases it’s height but when you centre the throttle the drone ‘locks-in’ at its current height until you tell it what to do!

Heading Hold Mode
If heading hold mode is selected at the beginning of a flight it can be a great aid to those learn to fly drones. When a drone faces a different direction the control directions normally change with it, this can make it tricky if you don’t have much experience flying like this. Using Heading Hold mode you needn’t worry as the drone keeps the controls the same whatever the direction of the drone.

Low Battery Alarm
The built in telemetry can alert you then your drone battery is running low on power. The controller will sound beeps as an alarm to and remind you to fly the drone back and land.

One Button Take off/Landing
As you get to grips with flying a drone often the takeoff and landing is the most tricky part. But using the ‘One button’ takeoff/landing feature this can be done automatically for you. Press once and the drone takes off and holds at a certain altitude, press again and the Nova slowly descends until it has landed and then stops the motors.

USB Charger
A USB charger is supplied for easy recharging. Simply plug into a standard USB port (such as a phone charger, power pack or computer) and connect the drone battery to the other end.


1.Flies forwards and backwards/ fly up and down/ turn left and right/ left side flying and right side flying

2. High/Low Speed flight.

3. Headless Mode.

4. One-Key Automatic Demonstration

5. Built-in altitude hold Function

6. One Key Take-off, One Key Landing and One Key Emergency Stop

7. Motor Stuck Protection


Product Size: 136 x 44 x 97mm – Product Weight: 28.4g (battery included)

Box Contents
• 1x Multi-Fly 3 Drone
• 1x 2.4GHz Controller
• 2 x Spare Rotor Blades
• USB Charger Lead
Required to Complete
• 3x ‘AA’ batteries for the transmitter